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Helping moms lose the baby weight and build strong healthy bodies that they can live confidently in.

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Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching For Women

I'm Rhia, nurse turned fitness and nutrition coach and mama to the sweetest baby girl, who is passionate about helping women lose the baby weight, regain their confidence, and become the best versions of themselves in motherhood. 

Hear me out... 

Us women, and especially moms, spend SO much time and energy caring for the people in our lives, that we often let our own health and wellness take a backseat. We end up going through the motions of life in these bodies that no longer feel like they are ours. We don't feel comfortable, and we definitely don't feel confident, but we are far

too busy to do anything about it, so we just live this way..


Sound familiar?


Well despite being natural caregivers, we deserve to receive care too, and that starts with giving it to ourselves! Imagine how much more you could give to and get from your life if you were living it in a body that you felt strong, empowered, and confident in? You deserve that!

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