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I help busy moms build strength, lose fat, and feel confident in their bodies, without restricting foods they love or spending hours in the gym

Are you a mom of babies or toddlers

who hasn't felt comfortable in your body since the pre-pregnancy days


😩 You're holding onto some extra baby weight that you just can't seem to lose and and are not fitting into your clothes the same as you used to..

☕️ You find yourself going through your days feeling burnt out, having no time to yourself, and surviving off coffee..

❌ You can never stay consistent in your efforts to lose weight.. Or maybe you haven't even tried to make a change yet, because you simply don't know where to start.. 


Are you ready to finally see REAL progress and learn how to nourish your body to both look and feel your best for the long term, while working with a busy #momlife schedule?


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I’ve been in your shoes...


After having my daughter I found myself in a body I felt far from confident in.. 

I had put on 35 lbs, the only thing that fit me was my Lululemons, and when I saw myself in the mirror or in photos with my little girl, I barely recognized my own body from what it once was

Rather than jumping into low calorie restrictive diets and high intensity programming that simply wouldn't fit into my busy schedules a mom, I found a way to use the minimal time I had to effectively lose the baby weight, build my strength to even stronger than I was pre-baby, and create a body I feel more confident in than ever before! And I did this all within a busy schedule of momming 24/7 while running a business..

And I have helped so many other mamas do the same!

If you're ready to build a lifestyle and body that is healthier and that you love more than you ever had before, yes even after babies.. 


I've got you mama!

I know what it's like be uncomfortable in your body and yearning for change, while living in the crazy schedule of motherhood, and I'm here to guide you through it all and get to a pace where you are THRIVING, not just surviving

👇🏼 This program might be a good fit for you if.. 👇🏼

🤱 You're a mom of young children who hasn't felt confident in your body since having kids.. 

😩 You can't seem to lose the baby weight and and aren't fitting into your clothes the same as you used to..​

🙃 You find yourself going through your days feeling burnt out and barely surviving, never mind thriving..​

You can never stay consistent in your efforts to lose weight and are constantly falling on and off track.. 


✨ You want to lose fat, gain strength and energy, and become the most confident version of yourself

👏🏼 You're ready to get serious about your goals and commit to a program that will finally help you achieve them.. 

✋🏼 You aren't interested in programs that require you to completely change your diet of lifestyle, you just want a solution to your problems that fits into the life you're already living.. 

👇🏼 In the next 4 months you could see 👇🏼

📉 10-30 lb of weight loss..

💪🏼 Increased strength and energy..

🎉 Clothing fitting better and body confidence skyrocketing..

All without needing to overhaul your lifestyle, but instead optimize it! 👌🏼


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  • What is the time commitment?
    The initial time commitment for private coaching is 4 months. However after this, many clients extend for another 4 months to continue working on their goals or even transition to new goals like adding more muscle after a fat loss phase. 4 months is a great amount of time to really build a solid foundation of habits to reach your goals, and many of my clients see an average of 10-30 lbs of weight loss in that time frame! However, building your DREAM body takes time so extensions are often when the real magic happens.
  • What equipment do I need?
    Since private coaching is completely customized, I can create your program using whatever you have available. Some of my clients workout in gyms, but many of my clients workout from home! For home workouts I do like you to have some dumbbells, ideally starting with 10-20 pounds.
  • Will you make me a meal plan?
    Along with giving you customized macronutrient goals, I also help with meal planning for most clients for the first few weeks of a program. Since my coaching style is all about optimizing your current lifestyle, not overhauling it, I do all meal planning using the foods you already like and eat, and help you learn how to fit them into a new balanced diet prioritizing your goals. By month 2, the goal is to transition to you making your own meal plans with my assistance or reviewing as needed, since knowing how to plan your nutrition yourself is key for long term success.
  • What is the investment?
    Working with a coach inside a private container is a massive investment into your health and goals, and it does come at a higher price point. My current private coaching rate is $300CAD (+ 5% tax) monthly. However, I do have more flexible extended payment plans available to accommodate smaller monthly budgets, as I never want finances to be a barrier to health. So if my monthly pricing sounds outside of your current resources please reach out and let's chat about what is manageable for you!
  • I've tried programs in the past without success and couldn't follow through.. Why will this one be any different?
    First of all, choosing a coach who understands your lifestyle and struggles is so important here! If you've worked with a coach in the past who simply didn't get the demands of your life and didn't take into consideration things like your busy mom schedule, training experience, food preferences (yours AND your picky toddlers 😜) , and social events getting in the way, then your ability to follow through was never the problem.. The coaching program simply wasn't made for YOU to succeed. The difference with my program is that I truly get it! And I fully believe that a fitness program should be manageable and fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, not require you to overhaul it, to allow you to see success while actually enjoying your life and the process. The first thing you do in my client onboarding process is fill out a detailed questionnaire of your lifestyle, goals, and training/diet history, which allows me to create a realistic and flexible plan to fit within your current lifestyle! One you can easily and enjoyable stick to. I am then here to meet you where you're at and to adjust and re-configure as needed.. Have a trip or family dinner coming up? Lets plan for success! Fell off track last week and don’t know what to do? I'll help you understand where things went wrong and how you can head the new week with a solid plan for success! I'm here to support you every step of the way and help make this journey as easy and streamlined as can be, because I know you've got so much on your plate already mama.
  • Can I do this program if I'm not a mom?
    Absolutely! Although my program is marketed towards moms, and I have additional education/certifications in pre and postnatal training, I also take clients who don't have children.
  • Can I do this program if I have health conditions?
    Yep! As long as you are medically cleared to exercise I can absolutely work with health conditions. With a background of 8 years in nursing, I have a good understanding of many health conditions and am happy to work with you on creating a plan that allows you to manage pre-existing conditions while also working on your fitness goals.
  • Do you work with clients who have dietary restrictions?
    Yep! I have worked with many clients with various allergies, preferences, or specific diets such as pescatarian, vegetarian, etc. Since this program is so customized and uses a flexible approach to nutrition, it allows a lot of room for individualization when it comes to nutrition.

Ready to get started?

👇🏼 Fill out my coaching application to request a spot in my private coaching program👇🏼

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